LPT_Switch Eng 2.3

The program using the LPT-port to selectively switch on/off up to 12 electrical devices. Devices can be managed by the following main ways: manually; using the five sensors; the contents of two text files f1 and f2; timer (schedule); from any computer of the local network, if you have installed the application LPTS_Client; remotely using the phone keypad, if the computer where you installed the program LPT_Switch have a 'voice' modem. Also if there is no response to ping program can restart the devices connected to local area network. Possible operation logic controller - run control devices program, prepared by the user. Besides the ability to work from a prepared script - enable/disable devices and set playback wav-or mp3-files in real-time mixing (simultaneous playback) of different sounds. Hot keys to manage the devices. Software emulation of pressing keys on the keyboard, depending on the status of sensors.

LPT_Switch Eng 2.3
Publisher: CountersLab
License: Shareware
Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 1132
Price: $20.00
Platforms:  Windows , WinXP , Win98 , Win7 x32

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