IECount 2.71

IECount is an Internet Explorer (IE) add on which helps you to customize Internet Explorer s properties, quickly and easily. The number of custom features makes this tool a powerful browser add-on.IECount s main features: Limits the number of IE windows on your desktop. You can allow only one window, two windows, five windows, or ten windows from the system tray (or launch the application and specify any number you d like). Closes popup windows - with customized properties. To prevent popup windows from sites you can limits the number of windows or, additionally, limit the size of windows - smallest windows, which appear without you wish will be closed immediately. Manage setting of this function in main form of IECount. Proxy management: change proxy from given list and with time interval. To improve downloading from sites, hide IP or other purposes Internet Explorer is able to manage proxy server setting. Now you can manage it more easy and with additional functions: you can give the proxy servers list and time interval for autochanging them. Performs search in the best engines Now you can get the best sources from the famous search engines(Google, Yahoo others) at one moment just type it!Extracts main IE features for quick customization. If you are using frequently Internet Explorer setting, you are hate to select correspondent menu item, submenu item and so on. Now you can select some properties of Internet Explorer and modify them quickly from the system tray. All setting are storied in IECount.ini thus you can reinstall IECount and save your setting easy.

IECount 2.71
Publisher: F-Group Software
License: Shareware
Size: 647.0 KB
Downloads: 781
Price: $9.95
Platforms:  Windows

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