DIP Update 31124-2104 1.0

This free Dynamic IP Direct script automates the process of updating an ever-changing IP address. Dial-up; even Home DSL and Cable connections can change your IP address without warning, unless you pay big-bucks for a static IP. This script reports your IP to any subdomain site like CJB. net, and saves your real IP to a text file on the server. Have multiple domains? No problem. This script will sequentially report to the domains when your IP address changes, so no matter how your web visitors find your site, you can rest assured they'll get there without any problems.

DIP Update 31124-2104 1.0
Publisher: CrookedBush.com Inc.
License: Freeware
Size: 5.0 KB
Downloads: 242
Price: Free
Platforms:  Linux , Linux

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