CafeTimePro - Internet Cafe Software 5.0

CafeTimePro converts a desktop computer into a secure Internet Station or Kiosk. Ideal for Internet Cafes or stand alone kiosks.
Now includes: CafeShop POS and Remote Reporter Free!
Complete Internet Cafe Point of Sale System
Major features are:
Simple Interface:
Customers start using the kiosk without any needed intervention from staff.
Complete Flexibility:
Customize the kiosk to look the way you want it. Change the style and colour.
Use the sample pages included or create you own HTML front screens. Excellent for advertising.
Multiple Languages:
Currently CafeTimePro supports English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish, Italian,
and German
Visible Timer Bar:
Your customers can track their usage at all times. Clocks displaying the start time, duration and end time are always visible.
System Security:
Lock down the computer so that only the applications specified by the kiosk administrator are permitted to run.
Complete prepay System:
Prepaid accounts can be generated in advance for sale to customers.
Coin Acceptor Ready:
Connect to a coin acceptor mechanism via a COM port. The Timer Control Bar changes to a countdown clock with instructions for inserting coins.
All applications are reset when time expires.
Full reporting for coin operation.
3 Levels of Account Security:
Included is Administrator, Manager and Staff administration levels.
Account Control and Billing:
Enable a Flat fee or variable fee rates. Set up your accounts to use scaling rates or just use a flat rate for the entire session.
Multiple Tax Rates:
Charge tax as inclusive or exclusive.
Transaction Logging:
Detailed or summary reports for all transactions.
Remote Reporting:
The Remote Reporter provides access to most reports from any location in the world with Internet access.
Log Maintenance and Reporting:
Archive and keep all transaction information for any logs.

CafeTimePro - Internet Cafe Software 5.0
Publisher: Rory Keogh
License: Shareware
Size: 5.9 KB
Downloads: 1869
Price: $189.00
Platforms:  Windows2003 , Windows2000 , WinXP , WinNT 4.x , WinME , Win98

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