ArtIcons Pro 5.45

ArtIcons Pro provides great opportunities for working with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, web icons. You will be able to handle Windows 10 icons with ease. In order to make Windows 10/8/7/Vista icons compatible with Windows XP you can save them without any compression.
Windows 10 introduces a new style of iconography that brings a higher level of detail and sophistication to Windows imagery. First, the style of Windows Aero-style icons is more realistic than illustrative, but not quite photorealistic. The icons are symbolic images - they should look better than photorealistic. Second, icons have a maximum size of 256 x 256, making them suitable for high-DPI displays. These high-resolution icons allow for high visual quality in list views with large icons. Finally, wherever practical, fixed document icons are replaced by thumbnails of the content, making documents easier to identify and find. Thus, ArtIcons Pro is a beeline to refining the visuals of your program and making it more communicative for users.
A picture of a maximum size of 256 x 256 to be used as an icon, in principle, is supported by Windows XP, yet such an icon occupies 400Kb of disk space, which is far more than standard 25Kb of an XP icon. Aha-Soft has again found a way to cast off these shackles: Articons Pro uses advanced PNG compression to save images without losses and supports semitransparent images with 8bit alpha channel. That technology reduces the size of an icon only, leaving the quality invariable.
ArtIcons Pro will help you to obtain the modern Windows look. All you need is just to redesign your program's most prominent icons to use the Aero-style or Metro style. From this time onwards Windows icons crafted by Articons Pro will strongly impact users' overall impression of your programs' visual design. ArtIcons Pro will improve the usability of your software by making programs, objects, and actions easier to identify and find.

ArtIcons Pro 5.45
Publisher: Aha-soft
License: Shareware
Size: 6.8 MB
Downloads: 1968
Price: $39.95
Platforms:  Windows2003 , Windows2000 , Windows Vista Ultimate x64 , Windows Vista Ultimate , Windows Vista Starter , Windows Vista Home Premium x64 , Windows Vista Home Premium , Windows Vista Home Basic x64 , Windows Vista Home Basic , Windows Vista Enterprise x64 , Windows Vista Enterprise , Windows Vista Business x64 , Windows Vista Business , Windows 8 , Windows , WinXP , WinNT 4.x , WinNT 3.x , WinME , Win98 , Win95 , Win7 x64 , Win7 x32
System Requirements:  16MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 2MB Hard Disk, True Color video mode

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