Block Puzzle 2.6.0

Block Puzzle 2.6.0

  (512k) 03 m 21 s
  (1Mb) 01 m 41 s
  (2Mb) 51 s
  (5Mb) 21 s
  (10Mb) 11 s

Block Puzzle is a easy and fun puzzle game loved by many users.
A classic block puzzles game of jewel blocks where you can check your puzzle solving skills.
Train your brain, sharp your mind and is refreshment with fun.
The game has been upgraded. Record your highest score for each level. New additions to compete with global players.
Record your every peak moment. Of course all of this is confidential. It's also convenient for you to share.

Block Puzzle has simple game rules.Download it and you will love this game!
Play now for free,everyone can enjoy.

How to Play:
- Drag the jewel blocks and match horizontal and vertical lines.
- Get higher score.

Game Features:
- Classic block puzzle with colourful jewels
- Refreshment fun games for free!
- Play smartly to score more
- Train your brain

No matter whatever you are doing enjoy this fun games for free!

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