Alert Bookmarks 10.14

Alert Bookmarks 10.14

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Alert Bookmarks is a trim, retractable, always-on-top toolbar that stays hidden at the top of your screen until you need it.

You should be able to choose the bookmark you want with one click - not have to use 5 or more mouse clicks.

Alert Bookmarks' famous toolbar drops down when you need it, giving you immediate one-click access to your bookmarks. Alert also has a Powerful Search function that can find any bookmark you've got with two clicks.

You should be able to access your bookmarks from any computer on the Internet.

Alert Bookmarks allows you to export some or all of your bookmarks, organized as you like them, and Upload them immediately as a Web page accessible from anywhere.

You should be able to easily share your bookmarks with others.

Alert Bookmarks allows you to easily email the address of a Web page displayed in your browser. You can even send your entire collection of bookmarks.

You should be able to organize your bookmarks and make notes about them.

Alert Bookmarks lets you add subtitles and alphabetize bookmarks within menus, using a familiar rotating index format. You can copy, cut, and paste bookmarks within and between menus and toolbars. And, yes, you can makes notes about each bookmark.

You should have no limit to the number of bookmarks you collect.

Alert Bookmarks allows up to 100 bookmarks per menu. There are 8 menus per toolbar. You can create up to 300 toolbars in a single bookmark folder. You can create as many bookmark folders as your hard drive space allows!

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