Published by Neurotechnology

SentiVeillance SDK Trial 6.0.183849

Real-time biometric facial recognition and pedestrian or vehicle tracking in live video streams. Supports up to 10 IP cameras on one PC.
Available as SDK (software developing kit) for technology integration into small and large surveillance systems.

The proprietary technology...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 639.0 MB
Price: $891.00

NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows

NCheck Bio Attendance is an automatic ready-to-use time tracking system with biometric fingerprint and face identification. May be used from employee attendance control to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, etc. Protection against human-factor errors or user fraud. Employee GPS logging...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 143.4 MB
Price: $105.00

SentiSculpt SDK

Automated 3D object model creation SDK. 3D scanning performed from sets of photos taken with regular smartphone or still camera.

The technology performs several steps of object model creation. A point cloud is created at first. A mesh (wireframe model) is generated based on the point...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 151.0 MB
Price: $970.00

SentiGaze SDK 1.1

Eye movement tracking with webcam and PC, no specialized hardware required. The technology demo app shows real-time gaze tracking and heatmap generation for research of single and multiple subjects. Camera should be placed under the screen.

SentiGaze is simple to use, as the...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 180.4 MB
Price: $1000.00

VeriEye Algorithm Demo (For Windows) 2.0

Eye iris identification algorithm demo application for MS Windows. The robust proprietary iris recognition technology accepts images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids and provides reliable iris matching at speeds up to 150,000 irises per second. The demo application reads iris images from...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 1.3 MB
Price: $1239.00

FingerCell EDK Trial 2.1

30 day embedded SDK trial, allows developers to explore the SDK's possibilities and to try it in real environments and real applications. Includes algorithm library, C/C++ programming samples, scanner drivers for Linux. Integration into ARM-based devices with ARM Linux or MS Windows Mobile....

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 5.9 MB
Price: $7849.00

VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.0

Demo application enrolls and identifies fingerprints from supported fingerprint scanners or image file, and can calculate ROC with custom fingerprint databases. Fingerprint recognition technology and software for PC and Mac. Fast matching (40,000 fingerprints/sec) with reliability proven at...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 60.9 MB
Price: $439.00

VeriLook Embedded SDK Trial 1.0

Mobile face recognition SDK for Android smatphones, tablets and other embedded devices. The biometric technology processes multiple faces in a frame, provides PC-like facial identification quality and compact face template. Processes a single face in less than 1 second on 1 GHz smartphone and...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 29.0 MB
Price: $459.00

FaceCell EDK Trial 1.1

Embedded face identification SDK, 30 day trial. The trial kit is intended for development projects using ARM Linux or Windows Mobile driven handheld PC, PDA or smart phone with built-in or external camera.Includes library, C++ programming samples and tutorials. Constant internet connection...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 3.3 MB
Price: $7849.00

VeriFinger Extended SDK Trial 6.0

Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Includes a ready-to-use software for fingerprint matching on the server side that is intended for using in web-based and other network-based systems. The SDK is based on a reliable NIST MINEX certified fingerprint...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 156.7 MB
Price: $1349.00

SentiSight algorithm demo (for Windows) 2.0

Object recognition technology demo applications for Microsoft Windows. The technology supports webcams, surveillance cameras, media files with still images and video, and is able to perform real-time video stream processing. The recognition algorithm is tolerant to object scale, rotation, pose,...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 10.6 MB
Price: $479.00

VeriEye Standard SDK Trial 2.1

Multiplatform eye iris identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Based on proprietary iris recognition technology that features robust iris detection in images with gazing away eyes or narrowed eyelids. The technology provides reliable iris matching at speed of 200,000 irises per...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 147.2 MB
Price: $1239.00

NCheck Finger Attendance Trial 1.0

NCheck Finger Attendance, the automatic ready-to-use employee work-time control system with biometric fingerprint identification. + Protection against human-factor errors or employee fraud. + Ready-to-use end-user software with simple friendly user interface. + Printable reports generation and...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 103.7 MB
Price: $119.00

Neurotechnology Free Fingerprint Verification SDK 1.0

Free Fingerprint Verification software development kit is a freeware SDK intended for adding fingerprint verification functionality into various applications. The SDK is most suitable for developing biometric logon applications, but it can be used also for any other application that do not...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 139.8 MB
Price: free

NCheck Finger Attendance 1.1

NCheck Finger Attendance from Neurotechnology is an end-user biometric system designed to automate employee attendance control. The system is intended for small or medium-sized businesses. The NCheck software uses biometric fingerprint identification to track the time of each employee presence,...

Publisher: Neurotechnology
Size: 24.1 MB
Price: $138.40