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SharePoint Lookup Pack 4.3.701.0

A bundle of 3 products in one pack, enhancing and complimenting the default SharePoint lookup column function at lesser cost! Designed to fully complement each other, these three enhancements offer a suite of features that dramatically leverage your SharePoint lookup functionality. Quickly...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 3.9 MB
Price: $460.00

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup 4.3.701.1

Enhance your default SharePoint Lookup with more features and functions with Cascaded Lookup. Broaden your lookup data but at the same time trim down your choices as you start specifying data on each dropdown menu, thus saving you time with filtered choices.
SharePoint Cascaded Lookup builds...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 1.2 MB
Price: $699.00

SharePoint List Collection 3.3.508.4

SharePoint List Collection consolidates list items into a single grid view web part. All kinds of SharePoint lists from different sites can be selected in a SharePoint list collection web part. To create a list collection web part, you can select a site, a list and a list view, and select list...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 1.7 MB
Price: $135.00

SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost 2.8.618.1

Send changes notifications via SharePoint item event or customized time triggered email and SMS
Optimize your company's workflow by sending detailed, fully-customizable alert e-mails and SMS messages to users whenever an item is created, modified, or deleted. Moreover, e-mail and SMS...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 2.7 MB
Price: $899.00

SharePoint AD Administration 1.8.508.1

Have you ever wondered how you can decrease the overall workload of the systems administrator? Or manage OUs or AD without increasing the workload of the systems administrator?

SharePoint AD Administration provides the systems administrator authorization to delegate other managers with...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 1008.0 KB
Price: $999.00

SharePoint List Sync 1.5.710.0

Wouldn't it be easier if you can combine different SharePoint lists in one so you don't have to go back and forth between different lists? Or break down a large list into different lists according to preset conditions?
SharePoint List Sync simplifies project management among different...

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Size: 1.1 MB
Price: $799.00

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor

Display SharePoint percentage data as a graphical progress bar;
Two-way conversion between raw numerical data and eye-catching color-coded progress bars;
Fully customizable color options, bar length settings, and minimum and maximum allowed values;
Supports percentage values...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 313.6 KB

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.3.508.3

Have you found a method to list AD users in SharePoint? Or would you like an easier and more convenient way to update your AD information and simultaneously update lists in SharePoint?
SharePoint AD Information Sync provides permitted users bidirectional synchronization therefore, keeping...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 1007.3 KB
Price: $899.00

SharePoint Lookup Tracker 1.10.509.5

A "Related Information" link on Context Menu of SharePoint item to an overview page displaying all connected information of the item;
Display all items from which this item looks up information;
Display all items which look up information from this item.


Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 591.0 KB
Price: $449.00

SharePoint Document & Item Reordering 1.3.1221.47

SharePoint Document & Item Reordering is a new and powerful tool to customize lists and libraries according to the users' preferences. Imagine users need to access an item every day, or to prioritize lists according to specific requirements that cannot be met by SharePoint default sorting...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 932.0 KB
Price: $449.00

SharePoint Discussion Column 2.0.802.1

SharePoint Discussion Column is a custom column to record users' discussion when they edit the item. The SharePoint discussion thread can be listed in chronological order with discussion contents and discussants' names.

With SharePoint Discussion Column, you don't have to choose...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 597.6 KB
Price: $499.00

SharePoint Choice Indicator 1.4.507.1

SharePoint Choice Indicator allows you to prioritize, organize and monitor task and list items by applying color-coded labels corresponding to selection criteria you specify. Choice Indicators support floating tooltip information, customizable color settings, and the ability to apply one or more...

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Size: 677.7 KB
Price: $449.00

SharePoint Data Connector 2.3.722.0

SharePoint Data Connector
Fast and effectively import and export business data between SharePoint list and external data sources.
SharePoint Data Connector provides a convenient and secure way to access external data completely within SharePoint. SharePoint Data Connector brings...

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Size: 2.4 MB
Price: $269.00

SharePoint List Transfer 2.3.730.0

SharePoint List Transfer.Enables SharePoint end-users to copy and move documents or list items across SharePoint libraries and lists in the cloud!Do you want to move a document to another folder in SharePoint? Do you need a solution that allows you to manage SharePoint files in the cloud? No...

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Size: 1.6 MB
Price: $269.00

SharePoint Calendar Rollup 2.3.627.1

SharePoint Calendar Rollup is designed to substantially expand and enhance the functionality of the default Microsoft SharePoint calendar by a wide range of features and capabilities.
Organize and view calendars by compiling multiple calendars from different sources into one central view. It...

Publisher: boostsolutions Co., Ltd
Size: 1.7 MB
Price: $599.00