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Relay Timer R2X 2.5.1 Serial Port Tool

Relay Timer R2X is programmable timer software to contro 2-channel relay controller boards ofNational Control Devices (NCD), Robot Electronics, and Velleman. Relay can be turned on/off manually and automatically, and remotely from other computers.

Relay Timer R2X 2.5.1
Platform:  Windows ,  Windows 7 ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $79.00 Size: 4.4 MB Released: 19 October, 2016
My Menu Explorer 1.17 Infonautics GmbH

The start menu replacement My Menu Explorer allows easy customization of your personal start menu for Windows as desired. My Menu Explorer combines valuable features of a customizable start menu with the familiar user interface of Windows Explorer.

My Menu Explorer 1.17
Platform:  Windows ,  Windows 7 ,  Windows 8 ,  Win7 x32 Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $20.00 Size: 1.9 MB Released: 01 October, 2016
Perfect Hotkey 1.337 YL Computing, Inc

Perfect Hotkey is a powerful hotkey managing and overriding utility for Windows. Perfect Hotkey lets you hide programs and windows, instantly shutdown, restart or logoff, insert canned messages, open unlimited amounts of websites, programs, games...

Perfect Hotkey 1.337
Platform:  Windows ,  Windows 7 ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $21.95 Size: 2.6 MB Released: 19 June, 2016
SuperSU APK 3.1.3 SuperSU APK Inc

SuperSU v3 1 3, the latest SuperSU apk version supports better adnroid system management Get SuperSU Pro download for android

SuperSU APK 3.1.3
Platform:  Mac ,  Windows ,  Windows 7 ,  Mac OS X Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 901.4 KB Released: 18 May, 2016
FlashBack Pro Screen Recorder Blueberry Software Ltd

Easy to use screen recorder creates compact, high quality movies for tutorials, demos and presentations. Add text, images, sound, webcam and commentary before exporting to Flash, AVI, WMV, PPT or EXE formats. Includes one-click uploading of movies.

FlashBack Pro Screen Recorder
Platform:  Windows ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 Desktop
Type: Commercial Cost: $199.00 Size: 19.7 MB Released: 05 March, 2016
MTK Droid Tool 2.5.3. MTK droid tool Inc

MediaTek device rooting and flashing with MTK is an ideal tool. Download MTK Flash v2.5.3 for your device and root your MediaTek smart phone for a smart use.

MTK Droid Tool 2.5.3.
Platform:  Mac ,  Windows ,  Windows 8 ,  Mac OS X Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 10.6 MB Released: 06 February, 2016
APUS Launcher 1.9.11 APUS Group

APUS Launcher is worlds smallest & fastest Android Launcher. It can boost phone faster, manage apps, customize, personalize your phone with tons of HD wallpaper & themes, categorize and manage apps, find trending apps, hot news and games, etc.

APUS Launcher 1.9.11
Platform:  Windows Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 4.0 MB Released: 31 January, 2016
iRoot 2.0.9 iRoot Inc

Latest iroot version supports rooting Android 2.2 to Android 4.4. iRoot download comes with Single click rooting and valuable unroot features. Therefore iRoot rooting android is easier, safer and comes with much simple process.

iRoot 2.0.9
Platform:  Mac ,  Windows ,  Windows 7 ,  Mac OS X Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 658.1 KB Released: 11 January, 2016
xender 3.0.0924 Xender Inc

Xender is a multi OS supportive app. You can download Xender iOS and this is the only app that supports connecting iOS and Android. Xender iOS allows connecting iPhone to iPhone and to Android without any issue.

xender 3.0.0924
Platform:  Linux ,  Mac ,  Unix ,  Windows Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 6.3 MB Released: 07 November, 2015
Judy's CountDown 3.1.1 Judy's Applications

Fun, polished program that tracks holidays and other important events in your life, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial (like your wedding anniversary!) ... and you can share events with people you know.

Judy's CountDown 3.1.1
Platform:  Windows ,  Windows 8 ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 3.4 MB Released: 23 July, 2015
ArtIcons Pro 5.45 Aha-soft

Find, extract, edit and create Windows icons in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. Import and export ICO, Vista ICO, CUR, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, WBMP, GIF images. Create and manage icon libraries. Create and store images with several layers.

ArtIcons Pro 5.45
Platform:  Windows ,  Windows 8 ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $39.95 Size: 6.8 MB Released: 13 May, 2015
Kybtec Calendar 1.2 Kybtec Software

Manage your dates on this Highly Attractive Desktop Calendar.
Kybtec Calendar is a top designed graphic calendar with a very powerfull appointment book.
Highly customizable. Many designs are includes. Full sizable.

Kybtec Calendar 1.2
Platform:  Windows Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $19.90 Size: 2.3 MB Released: 12 February, 2015
Kybtec World Clock 5.2 Kybtec Software

See the time all over the world on this attractive world clock.
World Clock lets you see the time and date in any area of the world. You get two world clocks, one graphic clock, and one list clock, and you can see as many locations as you want.

Kybtec World Clock 5.2
Platform:  Windows Desktop
Type: Shareware Cost: $29.90 Size: 2.1 MB Released: 12 February, 2015
ThemeWidgets 1.24 Effective Aspects

Theme Widgets has many small apps that run on your PC desktop. The Apps cover different tasks such as: clock, weather, notes, calendar, timer, stopwatch and a whiteboard. They all run independently so you can choose which ones you like to use.

ThemeWidgets 1.24
Platform:  Windows ,  Win7 x32 ,  Win7 x64 ,  Win98 Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 2.8 MB Released: 18 January, 2015
Start Screen Unlimited Greatis Software

Unleash the full capabilities of your Windows 8 Start Screen with Start Screen Unlimited! Add digital clock, Google search, power controls and numerous other gadgets directly to your start screen.

Start Screen Unlimited
Platform:  Windows 8 Desktop
Type: Freeware Cost: Free Size: 2.2 MB Released: 24 December, 2014