Internet Quotes Assistant 4.67

Internet Quotes Assistant allows personal investors to automatically keep track of investment portfolios, getting the most recent financial quotes from any server in the Internet for free (pre-configured servers: (Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zürich, DWS, Deka, Fidelity, NY, London, Paris, Mailand, Madrid, Lissabon, Sao Paulo, Currency Exchange Rates, etc.) - both actual and historical quotations can be directly updated over the Internet (open, close, high, low, volume). Comparison charts make it easy to evaluate the evolution of different investments.

Further features include: data export into text format or as an Excel sheet, Install/Unistall program.

Internet Quotes Assistant 4.67
Publisher: Marcos Rocha
License: Shareware
Size: 9.9 MB
Downloads: 297
Price: $16.50
Platforms:  Windows 7 , Windows , Win7 x64 , Win7 x32

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