Integra Office 6.1

The INTEGRA OFFICE software combines a powerful time & billing system with the "ultimate scheduler". Tracks services, receipts, disbursements, appointments, deadlines, trips, etc., for the whole office. Numerous reports may be filtered to show all items or only those that meet specific criteria. Bill formats are completely customizable. Allows any of each client's last ten bills to be re-prepared at any time. Includes a GL that will track personal, business, and trust accounts. The program may be used to prepare mailing lists or even to print form letters or mailing labels directly. Handles recurring events, multi-day and multi-person events. Deadlines may be optionally dragged forward from day to day until deleted. Scheduled events may be linked, so that a change to one will result in automatic changes to related events. Date calculator, free-time finder, and much, much more. May be used on a network or a single computer.

Integra Office 6.1
Publisher: Integra Computing
License: Shareware
Size: 1.4 MB
Downloads: 588
Price: $210.00
Platforms:  Windows2003 , Windows2000 , Windows Vista , Windows 7 x64 , Windows 7 , WinXP

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