CallClerk Caller ID Software 5.0.5

CallClerk is an easy to use program that lets you know who is calling on the phone in more ways than you may have thought possible. When a call arrives it can immediately notify you by e-mail attaching the message or fax that was left. CallClerk can also update a web page giving you access to your directory, calls, messages and faxes from virtually anywhere. The program can even send a tweet to your Twitter account.
CallClerk can also help screen your calls by showing you the caller's caller id info, announcing their name and sounding a distinctive ring. It can also automatically block unwanted callers (like telemarketers) using your own private list of blocked callers as well as optionally with the help of a community database of nuisance callers. In addition CallClerk can perform internet reverse number look ups and run other programs can be run as a new call arrives.
CallClerk can additionally record your phone calls. It has many dial-out features including speed dialing, clipboard dialing and dialing from Internet Explorer and Firefox.
If you use Microsoft Outlook, CallClerk can popup the caller’s Outlook contact card.
CallClerk can report calls to all PCs on your home or office network.
Its a great tool for automatically screening your calls and keeping you in touch with who has called.

CallClerk Caller ID Software 5.0.5
Publisher: Rob Latour (CallClerk)
License: Shareware
Size: 5.9 MB
Downloads: 980
Price: $39.00
Platforms:  Windows 7 , WinXP , Win7 x64 , Win7 x32

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