Active Directory RecoveryManager Plus

RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Windows Active Directory backup and recovery tool which offers flexible options for active directory backup and restore in on-premise and on-demand variants. The different backup and recovery features, online recovery and the easy to use interface make RecoveryManager Plus a great active directory backup and recovery software. An active directory backup schedule can be created for specific OUs and specific attributes. The incremental backup makes sure that only the changes made are backed up so that backup time is minimized. The active directory backup is granular so that each backup is created at attribute level. There is also an option to perform an instant active directory backup apart from creating an active directory backup plan. The tool also offers flexibility in active directory recovery. It helps to perform granular recovery at attribute level. Active directory change management and active directory version management are some of the benefits that RecoveryManager Plus provides. Recover deleted active directory objects from the recycle bin, undo move or undo any other changes made to objects and undo creation of objects using RecoveryManager Plus. Get total active directory change control by getting details of changes made to data and time of changes. Rollback active directory changes by selecting a rollback point and undo all changes made. Active directory version management is easy with RecoveryManager Plus as all backups are stored as versions which makes it easy to recover changes corresponding to a specific version. Active directory version comparison is made possible as you get to view and compare the values of different versions of backups and select the desired version. Perform active directory version control by viewing the number of versions, changes made in each version and the time of changes. RecoveryManager Plus offers a preview option before confirming the actual restore or rollback of active directory data.

Active Directory RecoveryManager Plus
Publisher: ZOHO Corp
License: Shareware
Size: 250.0 MB
Downloads: 320
Price: $595.00
System Requirements:  P4 - 1.0 GHz, RAM 1 GB, Disk Space 2 GB

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